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How To Create The Best Study Routine

Last week we talked about why your current study routine isn’t working, and I gave you the 3 key elements of a consistent study routine. Today we’re going to deep dive into how you begin creating your consistent study routine.  I will show you how to choose the right learning activities that will make it…Continue Reading

Why Your Current Study Routine Isn’t Working

Do you ever wonder why your current study routine isn’t working?  It might be because you didn’t build the right kind of study routine. It’s not enough to search youtube or your favorite study blog and randomly (one time) give the study skills you learned a try.  A well-built study routine should create consistent results…Continue Reading

When To Use Self-Quizzing To Study For Exams

When it comes to studying and preparing for exams you know that I am a huge advocate for self-quizzing. But at what point during your study sessions should you use self-quizzing? When is the right time to test yourself on the material you’re learning in lecture? I have a self-quizzing process that I used all throughout…Continue Reading