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img_7928I always dreamed of going to medical school.


For me, high school was easy; I even graduated second in my class.

But then I started college and in my first semester I got a C in my bio class and failed every science class after that.



Failing out of my pre-med major ruined my chance of ever getting into medical school. I was crushed.


But the worst blow came when my advisor said “I don’t think you have what it takes to succeed in the medical field. You should just become a teacher.”


I decided to major in health policy, but I could never shake my dream of going into the medical field and decided to apply to nursing school.


Determined to never fail a science class again, I read every book, website, and article on how to study, take notes, and pass exams so that I’d never have to feel overwhelmed by not knowing how to succeed again.


When I went back to school to take prerequisites for nursing, I applied the skills I learned that summer and did my own experiment on myself to figure out how to get good grades. And it worked! I ended up getting into nursing school on my first try (NOT an easy feat!) with mostly A’s. I went on to get invited to the honors society every semester and later graduated nursing school with honors!
I want you to know that I wasn’t the smartest girl in class and I didn’t always get A’s. By learning a simple study skills system, I finally felt smart and in control of my college success and was able to achieve what felt impossible when I started college.

Now I want to help you experience that same self-worth and confidence and unshakable knowing that you too can go from failure to success.


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