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The Real Reason You Lack Motivation In College

Do you feel like you lack motivation in college?

Do you feel like you need someone in your life to motivate you to do the things that you should be doing as a college student?

Better yet, do you ever feel like if you had someone in your life to motivate you, you would be more successful as a college student?

Here’s a newsflash for you girlfriend, the moment you place the responsibility of motivation on someone else, you’ve lost complete control over your success.


When ever you place the responsibility of motivation on someone else, what you are ultimately doing is tying your success to them.  Your success depends on if that person want to show up for you today. It depends on if they feel like being there for you.  It depends on if they want to give you a reason to review your flashcards today.

If no one ever told you this, I am going to tell you: It is nobody’s responsibility to motivate you but your own.

And before you even step into the land of excuses, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, well if I had the motivation I wouldn’t need someone else. If I knew how to motivate myself, I wouldn’t be reading a blog post on why I lack motivation.

I hear you so loud and clear.  So I am going explain to you in this blog post how you find motivation:

Let’s take a look at the definition of motivate from Websters Online Dictionary.

lack motivation in college

To motivate: translate into giving someone a reason, purpose or meaning for doing something.

So, if you want to find motivation in college, you have to first find your motive.

What I find is that most college students have no freaking clue why they’re even in college. They have no vision.  And as the old saying goes, “A man without a vision will perish.” because what do they have to live for?

Most college students don’t know why they’re spending $40,000/year to write papers, take exams and listen to a boring professor talk about things they don’t care about.

And THAT my friend, is the reason why you probably lack the “will power” or motivation to do any of your work.

You don’t see the reason behind it and when something doesn’t have a purpose, what’s the point in doing it?

Lack Motivation In College


Their isn’t one.  Thus no work gets done.  That is, no work gets done until the night before it’s due, when the meaning or purpose becomes a deadline or not wanting to fail.

But clearly, for most students a grade isn’t enough motivation to get them out of bed everyday to do their work.  If it were, no student would ever procrastinate. If it were, most students would be “A” students.

What is your college vision? What is the vision that will get you out of bed every single freaking day?

What is the big picture for you? At the end of these 2-4 years in college, what do you hope to find? What are you hoping to gain? What are you aiming for and how are these next 2-4 years helping you get there?

If you’ve never thought of any of these questions before, you’re not alone. Most students don’t but if you want to constantly have the motivation that will get you the grades you want in college, you have to start.

You can start by downloading the College Vision Cramsheet I created for you below.


In it you will find the framework for create your first college vision. As you go through college and find out more about yourself, this vision will change but you can always use this cramsheet to revise and redefine your college vision.

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